About AgentCali

Agent Cali

About Agent Cali

AgentCali is a brand of street wear and athletic fashion created by teens for teens aka young adults. Fourteen year old Jeremy David Koven started working on the concept for AgentCali when he didn't receive a call back from a clothing company after approaching them about a partnership. Jeremy's vision is to create a social, fun, affordable, environmentally friendly, high quality and charitable fashion brand where the teen audience drives the looks, products, pricing and marketing in addition to sharing in the success of the business. A portion of the Company's profits are donated to support teen and young adult related causes.

Jeremy Koven - Agent Cali CEO

Jeremy Koven, CEO

I'm a 14 year old student-athlete who was born in Boston, Massachusetts. I spent my summers in East Harlem New York City and live in Los Angeles, California with my family and younger brother.

People tell me that I'm kind, hard working , always stand up for others and what I believe in. My inspirations are my friends, family, travel, school, cooking, charity, sports and fashion. I'm building AgentCali to support the empowerment of teens and young adults around the world through fashion and free expression.

Would love to hear from you.

Email me any time at Jeremy@agentcali.com

Please follow us on instagram @agentcali

- Jeremy David Koven -

Dabian Canales, Creative Director


Dabian Canales is a 19 year old student athlete who was born and raised in East Harlem, New York City. Canales is currently finishing his second year at Skyline College in San Bruno, California. His desire and knowledge for the arts and design started at a young age. With minimal resources he used his own creativity to develop art skills on his own. Canales is passionate about music, baseball, photography, art, fashion and design, but most of all, creation and progression. His primal inspiration is based on a love of all things and those related to it.

Scott Goldstein
New England Regional Director

Scott Goldstein,
New England Regional Director

My name is Scott Goldstein. I am a 16 year old high school fashion and sneaker enthusiast born and raised in Boston, MA. I have owned and created my own sneaker website and blog carrying rare and limited sneakers. In addition, I have worked at two of the hottest and most highly regarded clothing and sneakers stores in the Boston area. People that inspire me are Kanye West, Ian Connor, John Elliott, and Virgil Abloh.